Welcome to #ideadrop!

This casual, comfortable meeting space is the perfect place for people who are all about libraries to meet up, share what they’re learning at SXSWi, brainstorm, and get inspired. Check out the schedule below and sign up for the sessions that interest you. RSVP in Eventbrite is required. We’d like to encourage the most participation possible. Please limit your selections to 4 events. Do you have a colleague or friend who also might be interested? Spread the word!

Live Streaming Starting March 8 at ~11am on ustream.tv/channel/ideadrop

RSVP required for #ideadrop events HERE.

Address: 2902 French Place, Austin, TX 78722              Email: erl.sponsor@gmail.com

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John Chrastka

Executive Director
Chicago, Illinois
EveryLibrary is the first national political action committee for libraries. We are dedicated to building voter support for libraries when funding is at stake in local elections. We provide guidance to campaigns - both Information Only and Vote Yes - and build capacity for voter outreach about the bonds, levies, and other referendum that form the core of library funding in these communities.